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I've run into references to Get.Cell  The latest was in an article at TrumpExcel, How to Filter Cells with Bold Font Formatting in Excel.

About Get.Cell

Get.Cell is a function from Excel 4.0 macro sheets. It is used to retrieve information about a cell, using a long list of numeric codes to get a specific type of information.  There are a number of types of information that Get.Cell can return that are available now through other worksheet functions.  For example, COLUMN() and ROW(). 

Get.Cell is still available but on very limited terms, i.e. it cannot be used in a cell but it can be used as a function in a workbook/worksheet Name RefersTo box.  

Because in VBA we have access to the 

What to do with Get.Cell

For my self, I don't see any uses for Get.Cell in a new project but am adding this information for future reference in the off-chance I run into the need.

Get.Cell reference

There is no help from Microsoft on this function.  However, per the article above,  here is the most complete information at  as of today, the link in that post and the following post are of no use (one with info changed by Microsoft, the other broken).

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