Friday, December 19, 2014

Building an Activity Log: Intro


This set of posts goes through the life-cycle for developing and delivering a simple application.  The original idea was to go through this process using VBA-augmented Excel.  With my new direction to learn another language or tow, I will start by leading with Excel-VBA and then try to develop the same capability, and possibly greater, using JavaScript with Google Drive and Python with Open

The audience for this series includes
  • Someone looking for the fast-path to develop and deploy an Activity Log that has the basics and a few bells and whistles
  • Someone who wants to be a better developer
  • Someone who wants to compare solving a problem in more than one environment.

Problem to Solve

People often need logs of when different activities occurs, e.g. phone calls to reception, radio calls to dispatchers, requests from users, visitors arriving.  There are special applications for most of these.  Unfortunately, with all the bells and whistles and interfaces with other systems the licensing can be easily be in the 10s of thousands of dollars and the implementation as much or more.

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