Friday, September 26, 2014

Interpretation of SUBTOTAL() operations argument


This is part of a series on replacing the the SUBTOTAL() worksheet function.  It is meant to provide a better explanation than Microsoft provides regarding the 1-11 and 101-111 ranges for the first argument and to explain why in SUBTOTAL() function for rows with hidden columns  (and subsequent posts) I chose to use the traditional 1-11 range.

What Microsoft says

Below is a table of information, from the Help for the SUBTOTAL() function, regarding the "Function_num" arguments.

(includes hidden values)
(ignores hidden values)

The help for SUBTOTAL() further says "For the function_num constants from 1 to 11, the SUBTOTAL function includes the values of rows hidden by the Hide Rows command under the Hide & Unhide submenu of the Format command in the Cells group on the Home tab. Use these constants when you want to subtotal hidden and nonhidden numbers in a list. For the function_Num constants from 101 to 111, the SUBTOTAL function ignores values of rows hidden by the Hide Rows command. Use these constants when you want to subtotal only nonhidden numbers in a list. "

This wasn't clear to me, so I tried it out.

The Test Base

Here is how the test is set up
  • A1 ="Group"; A2 = "How Much?"
  • Put column of randomized numbers between 1 and 10 in B2:B21
    NOTE:  "Randomized" means I used RANDBETWEEN(1,10) for the entries then used Copy/Paste Values.
  • Used the Name function to name the randomized numbers "HowMuch"
  • Each row labeled as Group1, Group2, or Group3 in A2:A21.
  • Set AutoFilter in A1 for A2:A21.
  • B23 = "=SUBTOTAL(9,HowMuch)"
    B24 = "=SUBTOTAL(9,HowMuch)"

The Tests

Filter Off, no rows hidden

B23 = 110  (includes hidden values)
B24 = 110 (ignores hidden values)

Filter Off, Five rows hidden

B23 = 110(includes hidden values)
B24 =   75 (ignores hidden values)

Filter On, showing only Group 1, no other rows hidden

B23 = 45 (includes hidden values)
B24 = 45 (ignores hidden values)

Filter On, showing only Group 1, Two Group1 rows hidden

B23= 34 (includes hidden values)
B24= 34 (ignores hidden values)

In a table..

Settings Results
Filter  Other Hidden Rows
(includes hidden values)
(ignores hidden values)
Off No 110 110
Off Yes 110 75
On No 28 28
On Yes 45 45


The "ignores hidden values" range only has an impact when the filter is OFF. Therefore, for the functions to complement and replace SUBTOTAL() the 1-11 range will be used.

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