Tuesday, April 22, 2014

On Error v GoSub v Run Call(Sub v Function)

The Problem

For beginning programmers, functions and subroutines seem to be different names for essentially the same thing, a bunch of code that does something that needs to get done

Sub and Function observable similarity

Here is a list of what makes Subs and Functions seem like the same thing
  • The first line is Sub or "Function", the name for the code, and (optionally) some parameters
  • The new programmer is taught to declare data at the beginning
  • The same building blocks for the internal code are the same: If Then Else, Do and For loops, This = That, etc.
  • Subs' and Functions' code can include Function calls as well as execute Subs

Subs and Functions observable dissimilarity

There are some differences that give a clue as to why there are two different things.
  • A Function can be declared with an "As ..." phrase.  A Sub cannot.
  • When recording a Macro through Excel, the result is a Sub.  It is always a Sub, it is never a Function.
  • Once written, a Function can be used in a worksheet but a Sub cannot.

Subs and Functions: Different Purposes

This may sounds like I'm stating the obvious after the above, but the difference between a Sub and a Function from a "What's the main purpose of the code?" perspective is whether, from the calling module's perspective, is to  provide something ( Function) or accomplish something (Sub).

Metaphorically, consider a hot summer day when a cold drink would be tasty.  Do you want someone to bring you iced tea or make iced tea for you?  The former is more like a Function, the latter like a Sub.

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