Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Taller rows, same font

The Question

One of Alan Wyatt's (excelribbon.tips.net) subscribers asked how to make row heights a minimum greater than normal.

My answer

It's not VBA.  It's not fancy.  It doesn't take delving into Excel settings
  • Select a column not being used in the report.  It can be the first to the right of the report, one in the middle of the report, or one to the right.
  • Change the font size to get the height you wish
  • Hide the column, if you wish.
NOTE: Row Height is not linear with Font Size nor consistent between Fonts.   For example, Calibri 10 results in a 12.75 row height and doubling Font Size to Calibri 22 results in a Row Height of 28.5, while Arial 22 has a Row Height of 27.  For the math minded who have data on relative differences in Fonts’ sizes, with enough data points I’m sure this can be calculated J.  For the rest of us, trial and error should get someone close enough to the desired Row Height.

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